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If you need someone served legal papers this is the only place to go same day and Rush service available these guys are ninja
— T. Artisan

Legal Photocopy Service takes pride in our ability to get the job done.  We handle and specialize in all types of process service throughout California.  If you have a process service on a national level, we have an established team of affiliates whom we work with to handle your job the way we do, on a nationwide scale.  We provide a quick and efficient process with each request submitted.  

Let the LPS Process Service Department serve you by serving others.


orders for summons:

Although we’re known for our photocopy services, we’re also an established process serving company with a long list process serving accomplishments, where others have fallen short.  Choose Legal Photocopy Service as your process serving vendor, you'll be happy you made the change.  Join the list of attorneys, legal firms and insurance companies who have made the switch to LPS.


We’re qualified to handle:

  • Summons and complaint

  • Unlawful detainer

  • Three-day notice

  • Civil

  • W.C.A.B.

  • U.S.D.C.

  • Personal appearance

  • Subpoena to trial

  • Plaintiff’s claim

  • Order to show cause

  • Notice to opposing counsel

After a registered process server delivers the papers, we file completed proofs of service, or we can return it to your office so you can file it promptly. For your peace of mind, our company takes pride in our commitment to fulfilling your requests quickly and on time.

Skip Tracing Services:

We provide skip tracing services, which allow your company to locate the whereabouts of missing people, including:

  • Witnesses

  • Insureds

  • Debtors

  • Property owners

  • Class action recipients

  • Stockholders

  • Defendants

  • Bond jumpers

High-Tech Capabilities:

Our legal process service advanced technology makes it possible to provide you with the information you’re looking for in the U.S. by accessing:

  • Vital records

  • Postal forwarding

  • The world wide web

  • P.O. box check

  • Recorder office files

  • National network of investigators

  • Assessor office files

For added convenience, all of our requests and delivery receipts are made via email, by mail, phone, or online for added convenience. You can also choose the specific type of template to submit for your needed services.

Legal Photocopy Services is proud of our reputation for fast and accurate process serving.

Make us an important part of your legal team by creating your account today.