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Court Services Requests

Legal Photocopy has great customer service. They are always very responsive to our requests and able to obtain our records in a timely manner.
— J. Ferrell

We understand the timeliness required for most Court filings, we have the ability to meet those deadlines and prioritize your assignments.  As a leading litigation support service in the state of California for physical court filings, fax filings and eFilings, our company takes pride in the loyalty we’ve instilled in our clients. We offer high-tech services that are delivered promptly to ensure all of your needs are met and there aren't any delays in your crucial schedule.

If you have a court services order in any county throughout California, our LPS Court Services Department will see it through completion.  Since 1972, we’ve developed a strong reputation in the industry for our fast turnaround times and the high quality of the documents we deliver.


Our satellite and field offices are placed in strategic California locations, which makes it possible to service most courts the same day. Through our internal staff, we work with workers’ compensation, federal courts nationwide, and county level civil, family and criminal courts within the California Superior Courts system. Our online ordering system allows you instant access and means you can immediately begin the process of obtaining our services without delays.

Our court services experience includes:

  • Physical In Person Court Filings

  • eFilings

  • Fax Filings

  • Court Record Retreival

  • Court Deliveries

  • Court Case Searches


Traditional and eFilings Provided

Depending on the request, our traditional and online services offer convenience to our clients. You decide how you prefer to interact with our team of professionals and stay informed on the progress of your submission for a smooth and seamless process. If we’re not capable of providing service on a daily basis, we rely on our professional network of affiliates.

You can have more confidence and feel prepared with the task at hand by obtaining our professional and prompt services. Since 1972, Legal Photocopy Service has built a reputation for getting the job done for our clients.

Create your account today and make us an important part of your legal team.