Records Retrieval


What is Records Retrieval?

Quick, efficient and gets the job done! I always use Legal Photocopy first as they always strive to meet my requests and provide a good outcome.
— C. Cervenka

Record Retrieval is the foundation of Legal Photocopy Service, while our name was established in 1972, do not let it fool you we are now a high tech scanning company with the ability to scan at any location across California.  Simply contact our the LPS Photocopy Service Department to place your records request.  For your convenience our high-tech online ordering system allows you to order, download, and track your requests online to stay updated on the current status of your order.  Saving your staff time and money.

Legal Photocopy Services:

We can handle all types of records requests to ensure you obtain professional services. Our staff is well versed in issuing subpoenas and authorizations to records custodians and meeting their needs for a fast, accurate and effecient release of records.  If you need a RUSH no problem, the LPS staff is here for you. 

  • Authorization Document Preparation

  • Civil Subpoena Preparation

  • Workers' Compensation Subpoena Preparation

  • RUSH Services (Waivers, Hand Delivery, Notice to Consumer)

  • Full Color Document Scanning

  • Electronic Pagination  

  • Custom Output (PDF or TIFF)

  • X-ray Duplication


Fast, High-Quality Services

Legal Photocopy Service takes pride in our quick turnaround time. We also make it a point to present our clients with high-quality documents, whether you request them in paper or electronic form. Let us give you customization every attorney, law firm or insurance carrier has their own form of doing business and how they like to receive their documents.  We give you full control of your end product, you decide how you would like to receive the records and what treatments you'd like to have completed with them.  We know there is no one size fits all or even most.  The options of document formatting through our document retrieval services are totally up to our clients. 

Consumer, Witness or medical Records Requests

Once we receive your specific records request, we’ll work promptly to review the information and use our industry-leading software to issue and deliver your request to the custodian of records and start the retrieval process to ensure you receive the documents needed. Our qualified professionals are skilled in preparing subpoenas for litigated matters and preparing the authorization documentation for your non-litigated matters.  Legal Photocopy Service is qualified to take care of all your consumer, witness and medical records requests for any Civil Subpoena for Production of Business Records, patient authorization, US District Court, or Workers' Compensation matter.

If you are a plaintiff attorney, defense firm, claims examiner, industrial insurance carrier, life insurance carrier or automobile insurance carrier Legal Photocopy Service as a California Professional Photocopier company is vastly qualified to handle your records requests and help with your cost containment of our services.

Since 1972, our professionals have established a reputation for record retrieval services that allow you to obtain the documents you need as soon as possible in a cost effecient manner.

Create your account today and make Legal Photocopy an integral part of your team.